Accredited by NAAC at the B Level

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certified College

About the Department

The vision behind establishing the department is to become one of the centres of eminence in Plant Sciences by providing value-based world class education besides developing scientific and technical temper among the students. Our mission is to strive for an excellent environment for learning and research in Botany and produce graduates, with skills necessary to fulfil their role in contemporary society.
Currently the department offers B.Sc. General courses under C.B.C.S and Botany multidisciplinary course along with Skill Enhancement courses. It is also offering IDC to other B.Sc. general programs. The department is well known for encouraging the development of entrepreneurship skills among its students by giving training in mushroom cultivation, horticulture and algal biotechnology. Students are selected in accordance with the Calcutta University admission criteria and is well-known for its academic reputations.