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Code Of Conduct

A Student once admitted must regularly attend the class. As per University Regulations a student must attend at least 75% of the total number of classes. The University Regulation may be classified as follows:

  1. 90% above                  = 10
  2. 75% above - 90%       = 08
  3. 60% - 75%                  = 06
  4. Below 60%                  = Dis-collegiate

The institution has a prescribed code of conduct for the students, teaching, and non-teaching staff. It follows- Students must abide by the rules of conduct and discipline. A student may be expelled from the college for misconduct and indiscipline.

  • Students must be courteous to the teachers, other staff, and fellow students of the college.
  • Students must show respect to women, wear proper attire
  • Students must not loiter and shout in the corridors during class hours.
  • Students must attend their classes regularly and must not remain in the common room or reading room during their classes.
  • Students must not adopt unfair means in the examinations. If they are found guilty of such offenses they will be severely dealt with which may result in their expulsion from the college.
  • Disorderly conduct in any part within the college premises is strictly forbidden.
  • Every class will be collectively responsible for the conduct of its members as a whole.
  • Students must not enter the Principal's Room, office, Staff Room except on the genuine ground, and that too with due permission.
  • No meeting or conference in the name of the college or any organization can be held within the college premises without prior permission from the Principal.
  • Students are advised to read the notices carefully every day.
  • Students are strongly advised not to bring or entertain outsiders on the college campus.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited for teaching, non-teaching staff as well as students, according to the order of the Honourable Supreme Court, anywhere inside the college campus.
  • Students should keep the college and classroom neat and clean. They should not damage the audio-visual equipment in the class.
  • The College Authority shows zero tolerance toward ragging or any such misconduct and students are liable to expel if such malpractice is detected Name of the students are struck off from the College Register on the following grounds- a)gross misconduct b)Irregular/ unsatisfactory attendance c) Failure to appear in the examination d) adoption of unfair means in examination e) Non-return of library books within due date f)Unsatisfactory progress and g) Violation of College code of conduct and discipline.

This institute conducts Annual Awareness Programmes on Code of Conduct-

Every year all the students of the first semester who come to the college on the open premises of the college are encouraged to make this decision on the 'Day of Sankalpa', so that they always strive for the quality improvement of the college. Not only that, they are made to resolve to play a leading role to frame a positive environment of the college, in the development of their personality, in the progress of the community, society, and the country too. But because of the Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately, it was not possible to hold a 'Sankalpa Divas' event at the college this year.

In case of illness, medical certificate must be submitted from registered doctors. Absence in any college examination, however, is not always excused by submission of a Medical Certificate. The final decision will be taken by the concerned Head of the Department, Co-ordinator, Academic Council and Principal.