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National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) has been recognised as a significant and successful in the country. The present Minister of Education, Honourable Sri Partha Chatterjee has announced N.S.S. as a part of the students’ extra-curricular programmes, to be mandatory in every college in our State. This led to a wider spread of N.S.S. activities across all colleges in West Bengal.

N.S.S. was adopted as an important students’ activity in our college from around 1978, thereafter its activities have gathered momentum over the years. Today the numbers of N.S.S. Members has crossed 225 students in our college. A separate unit is being launched, with consent from University of Calcutta, to accommodate the responses in such a large number.

N.S.S. Programmes are held at regular intervals throughout the year. Some notable and successful programmes include:

* Clean Environment – Green Environment Programme.
* Tree Planting Programme.
* Literacy Mission.
* Thalassemia Awareness Camp.