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1. Year of Establishment: ·       Intermediate: 1966

·       B.Sc. General :2001

·       B.Sc. Honours :2003

2. Names of Programmes/ Courses offered: (UG) ·       B.SC in ZOOLOGY HONOURS


3. Names of Interdisciplinary courses and the departments/ units involved ·       Anthropology (G)

·       Botany (G)

·       Chemistry (H+G)

·       Food  &  Nutrition (G)

4. Annual/ semester/ Choice Based Credit System (programme wise) Semester System as per the University of Calcutta Curriculum
5. Future career & job opportunities Fundamental Life Science Research, Wildlife Research, Wildlife Tourism, Biodiversity Consultancy, Pathology, Environmental Journalism, Forest Services, Agricultural Research, Research in Applied sector such as Fishery, Sericulture, Apiculture etc. and independent business such as Aquarium fishery, Apiculture etc.


SWOT Analysis:

  • Dr. Dhruba Chandra Dhali

    Assistant Professor

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  • Mr. Prosenjit Dawn

    Assistant Professor

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  • Dr. Mahua Das


  • Mr. Asis Panja

    Laboratory Attendant


Zoology Honours (Click on the Title to Open the Resource File)

CC1: Non-Chordate 1

CC2 – Molecular Biology


CC10 – Immunology


Zoology General

Recorded Classes:

Ecology Class 1 – for Lecture Video click here



2. Extension Activities and Outreach

3. Local Biodiversity Study and Documentation

4. Seminar and Training Workshops

5. Field-Work and Projects

6. Research Collaborations

7. Student Seminars

8. Wildlife Documentaries and Movie Show

9. Certificate Courses

10. Observation of Important Days



1. Eco-Club: This Organization (Click on the Logo to Know More) is a wing of Dept. of Zoology, S.S. Mahavidyalaya. The primary target is to provide a platform to the students interested in Wildlife and Environment conservation, Environmental research and to nurture creative ideas among student minds.










The Team of Eco-Club Led by Prof. Prosenjit Dawn and Dr. Dhruba Chandra Dhali took the initiative to document the Biodiversity of the College Campus and surroundings and maintain a Biodiversity Register. A PDF copy of the Biodiversity Register is provided to each students of the college and printing of a booklet is in process.

click here-> Biodiversity Register


3. Local Biodiversity Study and Documentation

Being situated in a rural backdrop, it is equally important to keep record of the biodiversity of the surrounding areas of the institution. The biodiversity documentation process for local area was taken in consideration in the year 2018 and two villages namely Anantapur and Radhanagar were selected for initial survey. Due to lock down, since 2020 the study has been interrupted, waiting to restart soon.

Local Biodiversity Study and Field Visit

4. Extension Activities and Community Outreach Programs

The students of the Department of Zoology under the banner of Eco-Club regularly organizes awareness camps for local people about snake bite, wildlife conservation etc.

Outreach Programme – Stall by Eco-Club about Snake and Snake Bite Management and Sensitization at the Shyampur Krishi Mela

5. Training Workshops and Field Visits

As a Practical Based subject and with an enormous possibilities for future research opportunities Zoology provides a chance for learning directly from Nature through field visits.

6. Seminars and Webinars

The department encourages regular Seminar presentations by students covering in-syllabus or extra-curricular topics for better understanding and to increase their confidence and presenting ability. Online webinar are also regularly organized by different experts and resource persons from different subject areas to enrich the students.

Students’s Seminar at the Department

7. Research Collaborations and Opportunities for Students

The Eco-Club, Department of Zoology is providing an excellent opportunity for the students by collaborating with several NGOs and Government bodies in the field of Wildlife Research and Training Programs.

8. Wildlife Documentary and Movie Show

Monthly one day is dedicated for Wildlife Documentary and Movie show for students of the department. Two to three hours of one Saturday per month, students are encouraged to watch the wildlife documentaries, old classic movies and educational videos within the classroom.

9. Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate Course on “Different Indian Folk Art Forms”  – Click Here for Brochure  –   Click Here for Report

2. Certificate course on

“Capacity Building for Wildlife Research and Wildlife Tourism” – Click Here for Brochure – Click Here for Report


10. Observation of Important Days – Click here for List

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