Accredited by NAAC at the B Level

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Students' Union

  1. To organize Quiz, Debates, Symposia, Science Fairs, Academic Lectures (including popular science) by eminent teachers/experts in the respective fields.
  2. To organize recitation, musical and cultural programmes of moral standing.
  3. To publish college magazine and wall magazines containing articles contributed mostly by the existing students.
  4. To organize common room activities and indoor games in the college.
  5. To organize Annual sports as well as the games activities throughout the year.

Message from Teacher In-Charge

I am very glad to announce that our students achieve brilliant results year after year in the examinations of University of Calcutta. Till 2018, 32 students of our college were placed among the top Ten in the Rank list of different subjects as prepared by the University of Calcutta based on the results of the affiliated colleges.

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