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Mental Health and Wellness Cell

Despite being progressive in many aspects of health and hygiene the Mental Health and Well-being is still majorly neglected and need immediate focus in our society. During the Covid-19 Pandemic situation we came across several mental health issues in all age class of the society and it is very much evident that the young minds, Students being completely separated from the social life for more than two years have gone through a set of stressfull events over the past few two years. Keeping this in mind we have decided to open a Mental Health and Well-Being Cell for regular monitoring of the issue.

Primarily the cell will consist a team led by Prof. Prosenjit Dawn and Prof. Surajit Mandal, who have gone through several online certificate courses on Human Mental Health and Psychology during the lock down. The team will regularly organize Mental Health related awareness programs for students to sensitize the students about the need and urgency of the issue. In near future their will be a Professional Psychotherapist available in the campus in regular interval for consultancy.

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