Accredited by NAAC at the B Level

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Non Teaching Staff

Sl No Designation Staff Name
1 Head Clerk  Mafijur Rahaman (Officiating Head Clerk)
2 Accountant Sri Shibsankar Samanta (PTNTS)
3 Cashier Sri Abinash Bera (PTNTS)
4 L.D. Clerk Sri Subhash Mandal
5 Chemistry Lab. Attendant Sri Arun Kumar Pramanik (PTNTS)
6 Chemistry Lab. Attendant Sri Biswarup Mondal (PTNTS)
7 Physics Lab. Attendant Sri Arunava Khanrah (PTNTS)
8 Zoology Lab. Attendant Sri Asis Kumar Panja (PTNTS)
9 Guard
10 Night Watchman Sri Amar Chandra Naskar
11 Lady Attendant Smt. Santi Mandi
12 Peon Sri Subrata Das
13 Peon Sri Debabrata Mandal
14 Office Assistance Mahabub Alam Khan (PTNTS)
15 Office Assistance Smt. Roma Pore (PTNTS)
16 Office Assistance Smt. Ruma Bhuniya (PTNTS)
17 Office Assistance Smt. Mita Santra (PTNTS)
18 Sweeper Sri Bangari Hari Rao (PTNTS)

Message from Teacher In-Charge

I am very glad to announce that our students achieve brilliant results year after year in the examinations of University of Calcutta. Till 2018, 32 students of our college were placed among the top Ten in the Rank list of different subjects as prepared by the University of Calcutta based on the results of the affiliated colleges.

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