Journey of the Department of Zoology started long back in 2001 in the responsible hand of Prof. Adhir Das. In the year of 2003 the Department was progressed with the inclusion of Honours Course. Since then this Department has produced a good number of students who are well established in their career. Being situated in a rural area of Southern Bengal this Department has played an important role in shaping the mindset of local village students towards nature conservation and understanding the importance of natural resources in human's life.

YEAR 2018-2019

YEAR 2017-2018

Regular educational tours are organized by the department for partial fulfillment of the 

student’s curriculum and for better understanding of their theoretical knowledge.


YEAR 2016-2017

Studying hard is important to gain some knowledge. It is equally important to know how to express or to represent the knowledge we have. Students are regularly asked to present oral presentation or posters about subjects within their curriculum. It is said that " Teaching makes you learn better"; So, through the seminar the students gain confidence about the subject and most importantly about presenting something in front of  a scientific audience, which help them in long run. 


The vision of the Zoology department is to develop a world class leading department of scientific Education in Zoology to cater the national and international demand and necessity for quality scientist for a better world. The department will also be a center of excellence in research and education for the generation of innovative knowledge and best practices in the field of Zoology.


    • To provide quality education in the area of Zoology with strong fundamentals, through rigorous curriculum that develops the ability to solve problems individually and in a team.
    • To impart education which may provide innovative skills in their respective area of specialization for society at large and to generate and disseminate/propagate innovative knowledge and differential thinking in the field of life science essential to the local and global need.
    • To develop competent man power with deep awareness in human values and ethics - creating globally acceptable high quality skilled, potential, professional individuals for Industries, Academics and Society at large.

Department of Zoology offers 3 years Honours and General course for the degree of B.Sc. under the new regulation of University of Calcutta. The syllabus for Honours is divided into 3 years curriculum containing 8 papers with 500 marks in theory and 300 marks in Practical (total 800). Syllabus for General course contains 4 papers with 270 marks in theory and 130 marks in practical( total 400).