Journey of the Department of Physics started from the foundation of this college. In the year of 2010 the Department was progressing with the inclusion of Honors Course in the responsible hand of Prof. Manimala Roy. The goal of creating science awareness among the rural students has been successfully achieved by the dedicated professors with the increasing number of pupils. The advancement of learning has exceeded from classroom learning to laboratory experiments with scientific instruments to strengthen the theoretical concepts of the students. The departmental library helps the students to enhance the depth of their knowledge by studying enriched books.



Surajit Mandal (H.O.D.)

Academic Qualification: M. Sc (J.U), NET Qualified 2014,2015

Area of Specialization: Electronics.

Experience: Teaching:  06 Years. 



Souman Paul

Academic Qualification: M.Sc. B.Ed.

Area of Specialization: Solid State Physics.

Experience:  view

Debashis Pramanik

Academic Qualification: M.Sc.

Area of Specialization: Electronics.

Experience: Teaching: o1 year.

Soumen Mal

Academic Qualification: M. Sc.

Area of Specialization: Electronics.

Experience: Teaching:  01 Year. 


Departmental Library

Our department has the facility of library with different reference books. 


Our department has well furnished laboratory fully compatible with the syllabus of all the three years of UG course (Honours & General).

Computer access

Our department has computer access with internet facility which serves various academic needs of the students.



The vision of the Physics department is to develop a best in class department of scientific Education in Physics to cater the national and international demand and necessity for quality scientist, educationist and critic for a better world. The department will also be a center of excellence in research and education for the generation of innovative knowledge and best practices in the field of Physics.


•To provide quality education in the area of Physics with strong fundamentals, through rigorous curriculum that develops the ability to solve problems individually and in a team.

•To impart education which may provide innovative skills in their respective area of specialization for society at large and to generate and disseminate/propagate innovative knowledge and differential thinking in the field of Physics essential to the local and global need.

•To develop competent man power with deep awareness in human values and ethics - creating globally acceptable high quality skilled, potential, professional individuals for Industries, Academics and Society at large.


Department of Physics offers 3 years Honours and General course for the degree of B.Sc. under the new regulation of University of Calcutta. The syllabus for honours is divided into 3 year curriculum containing 8 papers with 550 marks in theory and 250 marks in Practical (Total 800). The syllabus for General course contains 4 papers with 250 marks in theory and 150 marks in practical (Total 400).

Syllabus: Physics(Hons.)Physics(General)

Modules: Honours


Paper NameSyllabus wise Module Study MaterialQuestion Bank

                                                                          Mathematical Methods I

Mathematical Methods IIdownload



Waves and Optics Idownloadqstn
Waves and Optics I

                                                                        Classical Mechanics I

Thermal Physics I


Paper NameSyllabus wise ModuleStudy Materialquestion bank

Electronics II

Electricity and Magnetism
Waves and Optics II

                                                 Quantum Mechanics I

Thermal Physics II




PaperTopic NameSyllabus Wise ModuleStudy MaterialQuestion Bank
Paper V

Classical Mechanics II
Special Theory of Relativity
Quantum Mechanics II
Atomic Physics
Paper VI

Nuclear and Particle Physics I

Nuclear and Particle Physics II

Solid State Physics I

Solid State Physics II
Paper VIIA

                                              Statistical Mechanics

Electromagnetic Theory




Modules: General


Paper Topic NameSyllabus wise Module Study MaterialQuestion Bank
Paper IA

Classical Mechanics

Heat and Thermodynamics
Paper IB

                                              General Properties of Matter

Waves and Vibrations
Geometrical Optics


Paper Topic NameSyllabus wise Module Study MaterialQuestion Bank
Paper IIB

Electricity and Magnetism

Paper IIIA


                                        Physical Optics


          Modern Physics


Paper Topic NameSyllabus wise Module Study MaterialQuestion Bank
Paper IVA

Application of Thermodynamics


Energy Sources



Best Practices

Future Speak